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Plastic by Bodysnatchers at the Old 505 Theatre
Plastic by Bodysnatchers at The Old 505 Theatre. Photo by Carly Young, featuring performers Doug Neibling, Michelle Ny and Hannah Goodwin.

Playwave Creative Review:  PLASTIC 
reviewed by Nicole Pingon

Most simply put, Plastic is clever, witty, and exciting. Created by the incredible Sanja Simic and Mark Rogers from Bodysnatchers, audiences are taken on a journey through this fascinating world that affects the whole of humanity, yet ironically we never really hear about.

A world of science.

With scientific jargon peppered throughout Plastic, audiences enter the somewhat exclusive realm of science, that frankly I never really cared about previously, nor knew about its ability to be so incredibly corrupt. The scientific sphere presented was so distant from our own, yet elements of our everyday thrived throughout the play, perhaps one of its best qualities; making it simultaneously compelling, yet so close to home.

I was fascinated seeing the single white set so effortlessly transform; from lab to soccer field, office to hotel room. The space was truly brought to life by the exceptional performances of Nick Bartlett, Hannah Goodwin, Harry McGee, Douglas Neibling and Michelle Ny; and when combined with the subtle, yet striking light and sound design of Frankie Clarke and Liam Halliwell, with no questions asked, audiences are taken on this incredible journey through time, and space and even continents.

I love him… I hate him… I love him… I hate him….

My feelings towards the characters, in particular the protagonist Schulz, fluently cruised along the spectrum of love - hate, never settling for a midground; a telling sign of truly three-dimensional characters from start to finish. The dynamic in the room slightly shifted as different characters interacted within the space, with an equilibrium of humour and seriousness, tension and harmony.

What I absolutely loved about Plastic was the way it made me feel intense emotions towards the colourful and distinct characters, yet continuing a sense of mystery behind each of them, making me eager to continually find out more about them. In fact after the show ended, a part of me wanted to meet the characters and just ask about their lives, because frankly they seemed like really interesting people.

Plastic plays with traditional notions of what we believe theatre to be, experimenting in ways that are refreshing, exciting, and just happen to work. Plastic is a powerful reminder to watch and celebrate new Australian work, because that is genuinely where some of the most incredible stories and passion exist.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the creators of Plastic; writer, Mark Rogers and director, Sanja Simic. Mark and Sanja gave us a taste of the show, insight into their experiences as Australian creators, and tips for young creatives. Read our interview with them here. 

31 October - 19 November 2017

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