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By Miah Tito-Barratt
Imagine an event allowing young people to be kids and to share and create. An event with a stellar lineup of exhibitions and performances all by young artists! That sounds like the MCA's GENEXT festival!

This year's festival was a riot, with workshops tailored to young people and developed by young people. This included K-pop dances, a poetry station, ghost making, and my personal favorite the make your dream cubby house room!


As young people, one of our most significant obstacles is being forced to mature into adults by the time we’re teenagers yet our opinions and creativity are rarely taken seriously! That’s why these events curated by young people are so important, as they provide safe places for us to play and express ourselves without judgment and GENEXT did this.

As for accessibility there were no out passes which meant that you could not re-enter the festival although there were couple of chill spaces with good food and chill music you could visit to escape all the ruckus if it all got a bit too much for you. I also felt that there were a few issues with the layout and scheduling of the event, there were a few performances that overlapped each other and were difficult to find. I feel that this could have been solved if there were a more obvious layout or path throughout the different rooms, but ultimately this didn’t stop the fun!


Thanks to the MCA’s amazingly welcoming staff encouraging us to try our hands at poetry or to learn a K-pop dance, the vibes were on point. I will definitely be attending next year’s GENEXT and I can’t wait to see what the MCA’s Youth Committee does next.

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