Come Again

Come Again

What is in this yoghurt? It tastes funny…

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Sal’s abusive partner Dan is missing. The police are suspicious. She’s stuck in a constant interrogation from authorities, aunties, everyone in her life. Fast forward five years and Sal and her partner Noni are trying to plan for the future: business, birthdays, babies. But an ever present fear of the past coming back to haunt her, has Sal motionless in the face of her future. The investigation has re-opened and there is one question that could bring Sal to her knees. What is in this yoghurt? It tastes funny…

This world premiere from playwright Alex Tutton is a mix of gripping drama and black comedy, with an ending that even the best true crime podcasts could only dream of.

Playwright – Alex Tutton
Director – Lu Bradshaw
CAST – Angela Johnston, Gabrielle Bowen, John Michael Narres
OTHER – Luke
COVID UNDERSTUDIES – Madison Chippendale, Shayne De Groot, Luke Standish
Lighting Designer – Frankie Clarke
Sound Designer – Prema Yin
Costume Designer - Rita Naidu
Stage Manager – Jaime Peterson
Intimacy Coordinator -  Shondelle Pratt
Find out more about Come Again. Presented by Purple Tape Productions as part of the TAPE OVER Festival at KXT


  • 08 Jun - 17 Jun, 23
  • Regular price $45.00 $15.00 Playwave Price

    181 BROADWAY
    ULTIMO NSW 2007

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