⭐Playwave Subscription⭐

⭐Playwave Subscription⭐

For those who want to stay ahead of the curve.

For as little as $30 a month you can subscribe to Playwave!
A subscription to Playwave gets you all the benefits of a standard Playwave Membership, in addition to these special features:
  • Tickets included! Get first access to two tickets per month to the events of YOUR choice. Want more? Bag your extra tickets at head spinning Playwave rates. 

  • More bang for your (parents') buck! No matter how much the ticket on Playwave, your subscription stays the same. 

  • Don't go chasing credit cards - with a Playwave subscription, you can leave mum alone!

  • Watch out for this guy to wiggle on your Playwave account and claim your two tickets each month! 

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  • Regular price $30.00 Playwave Price

Subscription details
Purchase your own premium membership for a monthly fee of $30, which will include two free tickets per month to an event or experience of your choice. You will also gain exclusive access to additional content, including first access to new events and invitations to attend premium experiences programmed monthly.
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