SALT - Exclusive Playwave Experience

SALT - Exclusive Playwave Experience

Join Playwave and The House That Dan Built for a big night out for just $15 – including your ticket to this exclusive performance, post-show event curated by Ruby McVicar, discussion and drinks with the creative team and VJ session with TYROPA.

Exclusive to Playwave members and young people, this all-inclusive night out packs a unique experience all for just $15. At the post-show event, meet some like-minded people, hear about the inspiration behind this immersive 60 storytelling space from the creative team, enjoy some VJ magic with TYROPA - and make the most of snacks and drinks!

About SALT

Too much and we are the desert, dry and barren, unable to speak.  Too little and the world spins and our bodies fail, unable to speak. When we find the balance we are buoyant, we float, our voices sing

​Our body searches for equilibrium; our salt tears cleanse so we can begin again. Within our bodies and cultures, salt preserves, burns, and heals.

Inspired by oral storytelling tradition and myths, in an immersive 360 degree space, female voices sing out to the audience, asking them to listen to a history of silence. 

Performance time: 7.00pm – 8:00pm
7:00pm - 9:30pm

About The House That Dan Built

The House is an ecosystem that supports female artists to achieve a balance of learning, teaching and doing, so that they can create works of meaning and become the best artist they can be.


  • 25 Apr - 25 Apr, 19
  • Regular price $30.00 $15.00 Playwave Price

  • All Ages
  • Bondi Pavilion Gallery
    Bondi Pavilion
    Queen Elizabeth Dr
    Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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