It’s not every business partnership that begins with an escape from the Department of Human Services after an attempted pen stabbing, but then again there’s nothing conventional in Genevieve Hegney and Catherine Moore’s very funny UNQUALIFIED.

Joanne hasn’t been having the best run lately. Her TV star husband has bolted to Bali with his new girlfriend and she’s out of work. During a visit to Centrelink she meets Felicity, whose oddball dad wants her to take over the family butchery and speaks to her mother’s ashes in an urn. If they ran an employment agency themselves they might make a little money and save some face. The problem is a lack of employees. But maybe, just maybe, they can stretch their own qualifications to fit…

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  • 22 Jun - 18 Jul, 18
  • Regular price $42.00 $17.00 Playwave Price

  • Recommended for 14+
  • Ensemble Theatre
    78 McDougall St, Kirribilli
    NSW 2061

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