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Peter Wyngarde was best known for playing the character Jason King, a bestselling novelist turned sleuth, in two television series: Department S and Jason King, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but was an accomplished theatre actor until his fall from grace: 2 arrests and convictions for gross indecency in public toilets in 1975.

Much of Wyngarde’s life is disputed: his name, his birth date, his sexuality. We know that as a teenager he was a Japanese Prisoner of War (alongside JG Ballard) and that he studied at RADA, before dropping out.  We know that at the height of his fame the most popular boy’s name in the UK became Jason (after his character). We know that he was mugged by thousands of female admirers at Sydney Airport. We know that Mike Myers has credited him as the inspiration for Austin Powers. He may have been born Cyril Goldbert. He may have had a relationship with Alan Bates. He may have had the nickname Petunia Winegum.

Running time: 45 minutes
Presented by: G.bod Theatre
Origin: NSW

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  • 25 Sep - 29 Sep, 18
  • Regular price $24.50 $13.00 Playwave Price

  • All Ages
  • The Office
    Emerging Artist Sharehouse
    104 Erskineville Road
    Erskineville NSW 2043

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