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FEATURE: How to get your friends to experience art and culture with you

How to get your friends to experience art and culture with you

By Nicole Pingon

I enjoy seeing shows on my own. The same way I love wandering through the art gallery, and going to restaurants by myself; it’s really nice to be on your own, and take yourself out on a little date.

However, often I end up going to theatre on my own, not out of choice, but rather because I couldn’t find anyone to come with me. 

Something I’ve learnt over the past year of jam-packed wondrous art experiencing is, it’s surprisingly challenging to get your friends to come and experience art with you. Money, distance and time will always present themselves as barriers, regardless of how accessible it all can be.

Sharing the experience of art with friends is an absolute joy. It’s so great having someone by your side to cling to in the foyer, in the seat next to you as you experience the same thing at the same time, and later dissect and critique a show immediately as you leave the theatre.

For this reason, I’ve made it a challenge for myself to experience art with people who might not make their way out on their own.

You’d be surprised how many people around you are actually really eager to experience some art, but feel like it’s not their scene, or they’re not welcome to. You inviting them along to is often all the push they need.

Here are some ways to make some magic happen!

  • 1. Don’t ask. Tell them you’re already going.
  • “Hey! I’m seeing XXX on Friday @ 7pm. Feel free to join.”

    Be decisive, and things seem to fall into place. As soon as a potential thing to do, becomes something you are going to miss out on, an element of FOMO kicks in. Peer pressure, nah, just gentle encouraging.

  • 2. Food, food, food.
  • Make a whole date night out of going to the theatre, food and catch-ups included. People are always more inclined to do something if food is a part of the deal. It’s a part of human nature.

  • 3. Pay for their ticket, and they will owe you a lifetime of gratitude.
  • What better gift is there, than the gift of an ephemeral experience? There’s something really special about gifting a friend an experience. And being able to share that experience with them, is the greatest gift of all.

    These are just some of the things I’ve found to bring friends along with me. It’s a wondrous and exciting world that I wish for everyone to experience. Let’s break down some walls, because art is for everyone.

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