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When it comes to arts and culture, it’s hard for parents to know what their kids are into. Truth is, many 15-24 year olds don’t know themselves. Playwave is a new initiative that makes it easy for adults in the Sydney area to introduce arts to the young people in their lives.

Playwave connects young people to the best of Sydney’s arts and culture. Young people today have more in common with artists, performers and directors than any generation before them. Playwave offers a unique opportunity for Young People, ages 15 - 24, to access and engage with an existing arts community. Our Playwave members gain access to an exciting mix of theatre, dance, music, film, opera, literature and visual arts across Sydney.

By getting their kids signed up to Playwave, parents can share culture with their kids.

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The Playwave Playbook

Access a Family Handbook with information for parents and guardians of young people accessing Playwave's services.

The Playwave Playbook


Why Playwave?

Young people are not engaging with arts in the same way that other generations have done. Not only do young people have financial restrictions and a lack of means to purchase tickets online through typical payment gateways, but many of them also have geographical and time restrictions on their ability to access live performance in Sydney. For many young people a school trip may be their only arts engagement opportunity. Add to this the tangle of issues in getting there and away, and navigating public transport issues, and this group have little incentive to venture to our theatres and concert halls to experience the Arts.

What is Playwave?

Playwave looks at connecting high school students to the Arts and artists of Sydney but also creates a space where they can feel that the Arts are there for them; removing barriers, enticing them with relevant and engaging experiences and creating new opportunities to connect with our artists, stories and venues. Playwave presents as varied a cultural program as possible, featuring not only theatre and visual arts but also music, festivals, and other activities that might present a softer or more accessible entry into Arts & Culture.


Playwave & Shopfront Arts Co-op

Shopfront Arts Co-op specialises in working with Young People within the Arts, and at this dynamic time within the broader Australian arts community, we believe that there is no better placed organisation to create and develop this innovative scheme for Young People in Sydney.

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