What is Playwave?

Playwave is a new initiative created by Shopfront Arts Co-op and the City of Sydney, with the mission to connect young people to the best of Sydney’s Arts and Culture.

How does Playwave work?

Playwave is a platform for young people to connect with the arts, culture, and each other, to see and curate content that is relevant to them. On the platform, members can find out about exclusive bespoke events, as well as gain free and discounted access to a range of existing arts and culture offerings across Sydney.

Who is Playwave for?

Playwave is available to High School aged Young People in years 9 – 12. Members of Playwave are generally between 15 – 24 years old. Younger members may still be able to sign up, will however only receive limited access to events and experiences which are unsuitable to their age.

We ensure that member-generated content and specific event information is only available to registered members of Playwave. The platform is membership based and regulated. All students are verified based on their high school email addresses.

How can I be sure that Playwave is safe?

Playwave is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all Children and Young People, and operates under a Children and Young People Protection Policy. You can access the policy on the Playwave website or email hello@playwave.com.au to have a copy sent to you.

The Playwave Protection Policy is designed to protect all children and young people who sign up to be a member of Playwave. The policy defines children and young people as anyone under the age of 20 years and includes young people’s safety on the online Playwave platform, at Playwave events, and in all other instances where they may be in contact with Playwave.

How can I be sure that Playwave experiences are safe?

Playwave Experience itineraries are designed by the Playwave team to create safe experiences around arts and culture venues in Sydney. No detailed itinerary information is made available to non-members of the platform.

Trained Playwave staff are present and available to contact at all Playwave events. If you are a parent or guardian of a child attending a Playwave event, you can get in touch with Playwave at hello@playwave.com.au to find out more about Playwave experiences, or receive detailed information on how we ensure safety at an event.

We are working on a safe transport service and will always offer safe transport options to attendees of Playwave events.

Who monitors content on Playwave?

All member-created, curated and member-specific content will be monitored by the Playwave team, following guidelines provided by the Arts Unit at the Department of Education. The Playwave team consists of arts administrators as well as a Young Leader who represents the Voice of Shopfront Youth Council.

How do I opt out of receiving Marketing from Playwave?

You can opt out of receiving Playwave Marketing including E-Newsletters and SMS Marketing in the following ways:

- By emailing hello@playwave.com.au
- By calling us on (02) 9588 3948

 Any questions? Get in touch! 

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