Midnight Murder at Hamlington Hall

Jamie Oxenbould and Mark Kilmurry’s new comedy looks behind the scenes at the world of amateur theatre, where luck, determination and unbridled confidence rule the day. A very funny take on bad timing, incompetence and sweet optimism to end the 2023 season. Find out more

City Recital Hall

Journeys inspire the final season of 2023. Artists guide you through the vast interconnected genres and moods of the modern contemporary music landscape. Seismic grooves, borderless improvisation and exploratory soundscapes converge with hypnotic rhythms, stunning voices and all-night thumping celebrations. This is Season 04 | 23. FIND OUT MORE

Ensemble Theatre 2024 Season

A ripper of a 2024 season is on the horizon at Ensemble Theatre, featuring comedy, drama and everything in between! Grab your friends and head down to the water for sparkling nights out at Ensemble. Find out more

Playwave Creative

REVIEW: Twelfth Night
SPOTLIGHT: Jemima Sirtes
SPOTLIGHT: Lara Franzi
REVIEW: Summer of Harold


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