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LOCAL GEM: Want of Peace aka. Grant Rutups

Every now and then a Playwave Creative will write a feature about a local creative that they admire. Recently, Lara Franzi sat down with musician Want of Peace (aka. Grant Rutups) to discuss his latest release 'Spaceman'.

Local Sydney artist Grant Rutups envisions a new perspective within his music as the identity: ‘Want of Peace’. His music carves a delicate groove that guides us into a restless universe. ‘Want of Peace’ travels deeper into understanding personal relationships that seem almost weightless. Presenting a daunting insight into unease and loss through his harmonious vocals and instrumentals that apprehend your attention. He is experimenting with new genres and sounds to provoke unique responses for his audience. 

Performing at Glebe’s Record Store, ‘Want of Peace’ brought about a calming and resurrecting environment. This young musician explores and organises his thoughts and feelings through his art. He’s a passionate and creative artist that focuses on sharing his moods through sounds and meaningfully enriched lyrics.

In his recently released album ‘Spaceman’ we flow from song to song, gently breezing over different memories. Drifting alongside calm harmonies that encourages us to reflect upon our own thoughts. Listening to his songs allows us space to clear our minds and merely focus on the feelings which begin to absorb underneath our skin, rather than resting on the surface.

A few words from ‘Want of Peace’:

What does music mean to you?

I feel like the only thing I’m kind of good at in the world is music, so it obviously means a lot. Even more so when you count the hours I spend teaching, creating and listening to it. Sometimes people ask me what I do outside of music and I don’t have any answer for that!

Do you have any future areas of music you want to explore?

At some point I want to break away from ‘pop’ songs or anything that sounds familiar and just make whatever comes to mind and it’ll run for as long as it needs to. I want to start doing that now but I think there will be a better time for it.

How do you find the right sound?

The sound is actually finding me these days, it starts with a small idea like “I want the guitar to sound like this” and then once that is in place I can imagine what the other instruments sounds like. There is no answer to how I figure it out, I like to think that my muse gently whispers these ideas into my ears haha.

Where does your inspiration come from?

At the moment solely from current and recent experiences as well as my love for listening to music. I have been consistently inspired for a long time now and it’s seemingly only getting stronger. Making Spaceman was very inspiring for me because I love how it sounds and to me I got it sounding perfect but at the same time I know where I can improve. So to think I made something that I regard as really good and knowing that I could get even better inspires me greatly.

Do you ever worry about sharing your intimate thoughts and feelings through your work?

As long as I share it well then it’s fine haha. If I expressed something intimate and it didn’t come across well then it’s embarrassing but I’m used to embarrassing myself so it doesn’t matter anymore. Also I doubt anyone thinks as hard about my music as I do!

‘Want of Peace’s’ nine track release features various stages of emotion. From blame, reflection and to acceptance. The song ‘Spaceman’ named after the album introduces us into a feeling of complete emptiness. Surrounding us with a metallic feeling that echoes like we are caught up in a misleading and repeatedly failing relationship. It strongly resonates the purpose of the album. The song ‘Our Love’, my favourite, gives a positive memory and endearment towards a staggering relationship, as it lets us fall into a blissful ignorance.

‘Spaceman’ is a new experience for music listeners, as it deviates off the template to create ‘Want of Peace’s’ story. It is a strong step forward for the up and coming Australian musician, and I look forward to the other feelings and emotions he wishes to share in the future.

Listen HERE.

Interview and review by Lara Franzi

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