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Sydney Dance Company's 2 One Another 
reviewed by Nicole Pingon

Boom-boom. Boom-boom. Bo-bo-bo-boooom.

My heart beat in time with the driving bass, or at least tried to. Admittedly, I was not prepared for such an exhilarating ride…

2 One Another invites audiences to navigate a somewhat dystopic, yet oddly familiar mystical dimension, with sixteen phenomenal dancers from Sydney Dance Company. The dazzling backdrop and luminous lighting breathed a life of its own, fluently flowing through moments of darkness and serenity, perfectly complementing the intimate interactions between the dancers, the space and the audience.


Yet, the sheer beauty of this performance lies with its unpredictability. The effortless transitions between seemingly contrasting atmospheres is born out of Nick Wales’ exhilarating score, fluently oscillating between baroque-esque rhythms, whimsical strings and hardstyle electronica. Interwoven with the raw spoken-poetry of Samuel Webster, it is no surprise a masterpiece was born.

And of course - when combined with the breath-taking choreography by multi-award winning Rafael Bonachela, the possibilities truly are endless. The kaleidoscope of robotic, synchronised sequences, beautifully collide with the expressive movements of duos and solos, seemingly effortlessly brought to life by the Company.

Each dancer through their individual strength, technique and eloquent expression brought a unique element to the LED lit stage, powerfully transforming the space into their own. The diverse interactions that unfold within the space, act as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of ourselves. A deep sense of connection between every movement and individual audience member, is often an elusive element, yet so profound within 2 One Another, making it a captivating piece from beginning to end.

At times, I found myself disoriented with the rollercoaster of emotions, but as the curtain rolled down at the conclusion of an intimate duet, somehow every part of my being that was pulled and tugged at, fell back into place. My heart began steadily beating again, and I was left with an oddly warm feeling of satisfaction and balance.

Boom-boom. Boom-boom.

Within sixty-five minutes, I had gained insight into a completely new dimension, but couldn’t help seeing elements of my own experiences unfold within the space. 2 One Another is a compelling reminder of the power of humanity, and the rarity of our interactions, something that should be witnessed by all.

It’s not a representation of a futuristic utopia or dystopia, but rather a reflection of the multifaceted world we are living and breathing in right now.

2 One Another
@ Roslyn Packer Theatre, Walsh Bay
5 - 14 October 2017

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