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City of Sydney. Milsons Point, Sydney – 25 October 2017. Playwave Young Creatives Zack Lewin (17) and Nicole Pingon (17) interact with Sydney Festival performers Mitch Jones and Lachlan Sukroo from Circus OzCity of Sydney. Milsons Point, Sydney – 25 October 2017. Playwave Young Creatives Zack and Nicole with Sydney Festival performers Mitch Jones and Lachlan Sukroo from Circus Oz 

Sydney Festival 2018 Program Media Launch
Behind the scenes with Zack Lewin and Nicole Pingon

We had the incredible opportunity to go to the Sydney Festival 2018 media launch, and it was pretty insane. Basically, it was simultaneously the coolest experience ever and the most gut-wrenchingly-awkward experience of our entire lives!

It was so cool to be there, truly an amazing privilege. We got to meet some awesome people, like circus performers, a professional puppeteer and the festival director, Wesley Enoch - who was weirdly fun to talk to? For some reason, we imagined the festival director to be all corporate, bourgie and aloof - since it’s such a HUGE job. But Wesley was not like that at all! He was a totally awesome guy, down to Earth and deeply passionate about making the Sydney Festival a spectacular, immersive and diverse experience like nothing Sydney has seen before.

Diverse in artform, feeling, experience, culture, stories and heritage - Wesley is determined to push for a more diverse festival than ever, and hopes that every festival moving forward will continue to push these boundaries further and further. We love living in Sydney because of its multiculturalism, because of its incredibly diverse range of people and we are so excited that Sydney Festival 2018 is being directed by someone who believes in reflecting the Sydney that we know and love in it’s biggest cultural event!

Some parts were more awkward than we might’ve hoped though, but anyone who’s ever been under 18 (everyone ever!) can relate to the feeling of being surrounded by “adults” and sometimes not quite knowing what to do and how to act. It’s especially strange when you’re standing about 3 metres away from Penelope Seidler in what is probably the most expensive living residence we will ever set foot in - just casually eating a pastry with a circus performer swinging hoops around next to what is definitely an expensive painting. While it was very stressful at times, we had each other, which made it all the better.

Seriously though, Sydney Festival 2018 is going to be INCREDIBLE! We gained insight into just some of the festival highlights - with ‘Aquasonic’ an underwater orchestra, and the ‘Barber Shop Chronicles’, all the way from London being just two of our personal top picks (more coming soon!). Certainly seeing it all unfold in real life will be utterly mesmerising, so be sure to leave some days free between January 6-28! Keep your eyes peeled for some juicy Playwave discounts! With a multitude of events literally from all around the world, a number of free workshops to participate in, and numerous installations to see - there is certainly something for everyone to start 2018 with a bang!

P.s. You may have noticed that we accidentally coordinated our outfits with the Sydney Festival Programs!

Sydney Festival
6 - 29 January 2018

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