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Presented by Purple Tape Productions + KXT
Reviewed by Alexandro Gould-Arocha


[YOUR NAME] is an exciting comedy by Kate Bubalo about three teenagers working on a Harry Potter fanfic. When the erotic story is accidentally submitted to their PE teacher, all hell breaks loose. They continue writing their fanfic whilst their relationships between each other start to break down.  

The play is produced by Lily Hayman (also the director) and Tyler Fitzpatrick (also the lighting designer) of Purple Tape Productions. Sound design is by Clare Hennessy, and costume design by Rita Naidu with Hailey Hunt as the design assistant. Shondelle Pratt is the intimacy coordinator and the production is stage managed by Hannah Crane.  



Evelina Singh plays Petra, the energetic leader of the group who writes the first smutty chapter of the book. Singhs’ performance is captivating and voracious. 

Lola Bond plays Khris, an anxious teenager who accidentally submits the writing for their PDHPE assignment. Bond creates a compelling character who the audience feels sympathy for. Her portrayal is very driven with bursts of anxious energy and urgency. 

Georgia McGinness plays Nadine, the grungy, seemingly perfect member of the trio. Nadine also has one of the funniest lines in the show: “How can it be slut-shaming if theres no slutting to shame”. McGinness’ performance is both dynamic and authentic. The three also play their mothers and self-inserts (Your Name) within the fic.  

Andrew Fraser plays Larry, their PE teacher, amongst others. Fraser demonstrates great physical comedy and strong voice work, switching between British and Australian accents.

Physical comedy is a really compelling element of the production, serving as the basis for many of the magical effects to the raunchy (and hilariously full-on) moments. The movement of the piece add to the plays tenacity, horniness, and voracious energy.  

The lighting design was so phenomenal. It was instrumental in many of the magical moments, and especially highlighted the emotions of the characters and scenes. The design also featured lights coming through semi-opaque panels on the floor, which created different locations and emphasised focus on stage. 



The set design was equally as great and featured an elevated stage with drapes on the far side of stage and a television (which served as a laptop) surrounded by candles.

The costume design by Rita Naidu blended seamlessly into the production. It featured school uniforms, capes, and wigs. The most iconic costume was for Dumbledore, donning a cape and cap/mesh net over his face. The sound design served the play well, underscoring the magic and providing atmosphere to the production.  



I had the chance to talk to the director Lily Hayman about the show and all things arts after the performance.

When asked about what audiences should take away from the work. She responded;

"The play is pure joy, it is an ode to those who grew up around the internet in the 2010-2016 era (me for real)."

The play is witty, erotic, and energetic. We are laughing along (and at) the characters and situations throughout the play. But underneath all the crazy magic and special effects ("think Cursed Child on a KXT budget") lies a compelling message about the lives of young women and their experience of the world.

"The play acknowledges that the women who are seen as 'silly little girls' have real emotions, issues, and challenges that shouldn't be dismissed".

The characterisation, direction, and writing of the play craft beautiful and realistic relationships between the characters and the world around them. These characters are relatable and authentic. The message is carried throughout the storytelling. 

Aside from directing, Hayman is also a writer and performer. She provided some great advice about working within the industry.

"It's a big gig. If you love it, you can do it. It only exists because people love it so much. Find your people and keep working with them. Build networks and relationships”.


[YOUR NAME] is playing at KXT until 29 June. Get your tickets HERE.

Images by Andrew Fraser 

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