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SPOTLIGHT: Lara Franzi

We’re putting a spotlight on our talented Playwave Creatives. Read about their highlights as part of the Creative team and the inspiring journeys they are on.

Next up is Playwave Creative alum, Lara Franzi



When did you become a Playwaver and what drew you to become a Playwave Creative?

In 2017, my high school drama teacher introduced me to Playwave Creative. The idea of seeing lots of theatre performances fascinated me since this was something I hadn’t had a chance to do previously. This introduction kickstarted my passion for the arts and live performances.

What's your favourite memory as a Playwave Creative?

One of my fondest memories with Playwave was attending a solo performance titled 'Daughter' by Canadian artist Adam Lazarus. It had a profound impact on me, changing my perspective of performance and its influence on the audience. The show's ability to challenge the viewers' ideas was seen through the boos and jeers it received from the crowd. Since then, I have never underestimated the power of theatre again.



What has kept you busy in 2023?

In 2023, I've been leading a relatively calm and relaxing year. Alongside my regular job, I have been working on a drama script that delves into PTSD in young women. I’ve also been enjoying quality time with my family, and pets, and enjoying my free time to catch up on theatre, movies and books.

How has being a Playwaver impacted your experience of the arts in Sydney?

Being a Playwaver has encouraged me to take chances and explore smaller productions. Prior to joining Playwave, I mainly attended major productions in commercial venues. However, through Playwave, I have discovered hidden gems in intimate venues and bars across Sydney, where young Australian artists fearlessly introduce innovative concepts and ideas.

Your top 3 picks for the best places to experience the arts and live performance in Sydney. 

1. KXT: Witnessed some extraordinary female-led productions here.
2. Belvoir St Theatre: Experienced remarkable fresh content from young artists.
3. Roslyn Packer Theatre: Seen acclaimed productions of top-notch quality, featuring some of our beloved A-lister Aussie actors.



    What has been the best arts event you’ve been to this year?

    Visiting the Wentworth Point Artisan Market was a memorable experience. I encountered a marvellous collection of pottery, clothing, and handmade crafts while engaging in delightful conversations with the creators. It's fascinating how people have turned to these hobbies, especially during the lockdown period to express themselves.

    What arts events are you most looking forward to this year?

    I am excited about watching 'Wicked' this year. Although I know the musical by heart, I have never seen it live, and it's about time I finally do.




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    Photos from above:

    1. Lara at Brighton Beach

    2. Lara seeing a performance at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

    3. Lara with her brother and mother at the Wentworth Point Market (at her mum's ceramic stall) 

    4. Lara with her dog Pepper


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