107 Projects

Most of the art we get to experience is through a lens of perfectionism. Clinical spaces, polished concrete, judgmental glances. Snobs, critics, wank.

107 cultivates spaces for emerging creatives to thrive. Our floors are proudly un-polished, because the truth is, all art has dirty beginnings.

Stepping into 107 is a bit like stepping inside the creative mind. Experiments happen and shit gets weird – but ultimately great work emerges from a rich, creative culture.

107 Projects’ philosophy and mission is to improve communities by encouraging people to live creatively. We are committed to the advancement of culture. With a social enterprise ethos, we aim to transform how the arts, business and education engage across industries and with the wider community to create positive social change and connect emerging communities. 107 Projects is an Incorporated Association and a registered charity (DGR-1).

So head on in and discover creativity in its natural habitat. 

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107 Projects

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