Performance Space

Performance Space is the crucible for risk-taking artists. Emerging over 30 years ago in response to artists’ articulated desire to explore and investigate new forms of art, Performance Space has consistently identified, nurtured and presented new directions in contemporary practice. They champion risk, experimentation, and new modes of creative expression. Performance Space continues to evolve and renew to meet the needs of the independent sector and explore new models for developing and presenting the most critical and important new work.

The breadth of their organisational and artistic activity is informed and underpinned by a commitment to diversity. Performance Space embraces a diversity of artistic and cultural perspectives as being fundamental to a vibrant and engaging experimental arts culture. They therefore privilege the work of Aboriginal artists, practitioners from diverse cultural backgrounds, artists exploring new takes on sex and gender, disability and artists pushing the boundaries of the human through experiments with new technology.

Performance Space

Performance Space is:

  • Empowering artists to develop their practice and create brave new work.
  • Expanding contemporary art into new terrain through local, national and international collaborations and partnerships.
  • Challenging existing definitions of art through an organisation-wide commitment to experimentation and creative development.
  • Connecting experimental art with wider audiences through a rigorously curated presentation and public program

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Image: 'Great Expectations', Alex Clapham and Penelope Benton (2014). Photo by Lucy Parakhina

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