Shopfront Arts Co-op

Shopfront Arts Co-Op

The force behind Playwave

For young people, by young people. Shopfront is a space where young people come together to express themselves. To learn, share and bring their imaginations to life. A space for celebrating the amazing ideas and creativity generated by young people and emerging artists. We believe all young people have a right to expression – no matter their background or ability. That finding their voice and ensuring it is heard is crucial to them, as it is to Australia’s cultural landscape. This belief is intrinsic to the Shopfront process of creation. As a youth-led arts co-operative, young people have a say in everything we do. Through Shopfront they gain invaluable skills in artistic leadership and community building, shaping and becoming the next generation of creative content makers and community leaders.

We may be in our 47th year, but we’re young at heart (just like our members). We’re known for our daring, adventurous and socially relevant work with young people across Australia and Internationally, and are still the only dedicated youth-led arts organisation in the Southern Sydney and Illawarra region. We’ve got big plans for the future, and we hope you’ll join us in our mission to empower the young artists and social change makers of tomorrow. Starting today.

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Shopfront Arts Co-op

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