Sydney Festival & Playwave

Sydney Festival 2018 is live! 


The 2018 Sydney Festival program is LIVE and Playwave is pumped to be part of it!

As a partner of Sydney Festival, Playwave will be hooking up our members with awesome discounted tickets and exclusive events. This is not for your everyday ticket buyer, this is some pretty serious swag.

Discounted Sydney Festival tickets

We have a HUGE stash of top tickets to Sydney Festival shows just waiting to be released into the world. Sydney Festival tickets will be available to purchase through Playwave on Monday 30 October, just as Sydney Festival ticket sales go live. But unlike the rest of the world, you will buy tix to awesome shows and experiences, hand picked for you, at a price you can't get anywhere else! This is the kind of love that Sydney Festival is showing to our Playwave members, and we can't thank them enough!

 Sign up to Playwave for tickets 

So no FOMO for you! With Playwave you can live large with a little budget at the 2018 Sydney Festival. Become a member now, load up your account with some Playwave credit, and book your Sydney Festival tickets on Playwave NOW!

Check out Sydney Festival for their full program, and stay tuned on the Playwave website for more announcements about the Sydney Festival shows we've chosen for you!

 Experience Sydney Festival a little differently

Oh...and we will let you in on a little secret... there is something MASSIVE happening at Sydney Festival that ONLY Playwave members will be able to experience. It is a little thing we like to call Playwave Experiences and trust us, you will want to be a part of it.

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