The Old Fitz Theatre

Theatre: A pretentious, poncey, pastime for the posturing posh. 

F*#k that. 

Theatre can be for everyone. But everyone needs to take it back. 

We need to be a gateway drug that gets people hooked on an artform they never thought they would. From the diehard local, to their friend who'd rather be at the footy. 

Theatre is raw. It's entertaining. It's rebellious. 

Funny. Like wet your pants funny. 
Sad. Like wet your face sad. 

You don't need to be a genius, or own a collared shirt, or be sober. 
You can be normal, or really, really not. 

Theatre is a movie that's different every time. Theatre can be a great night for everyone...
if you go to the right theatre. Welcome to Red Line Productions at the Old Fitz Theatre.

Theatre for everyone. Literally. 

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