Urban Theatre Projects

Blak Box at Barangaroo Reserve

Urban Theatre Projects re-imagines what theatre can be and who it can be for. From their base in Sydney’s south west, they find new ways to tell contemporary Australian stories that show the uniquely personal within the universal.

UTP has a curatorial approach to making work, where a number of artists respond to a common theme that has a universal power to connect and/or topical currency: such as climate change or the concept of family. They work with diverse artists, across cultures and generations – writers, visual artists, filmmakers and musicians in addition to theatre-makers – to respond to the theme from their perspective, through installation, film, music or performance.

UTP presents work in theatres – in Bankstown, Adelaide, Lismore or Antwerp – and unexpected locations in Bankstown and beyond. From a laneway art gallery to a backyard film screening, a monologue on a shop corner to a large-scale performance on the street, they look for ways to engage new audiences by taking work off the stage and into the everyday.

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