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REVIEW: A Game for Flies

A Game for Flies
Reviewed by Lara Franzi

Brianna McCarthy has constructed a mirror into our world, tracing around the forgotten shapes and colours that sprout from the wonders of nature. She draws our attention to the beauty we so easily take for granted. A Game for Flies breathes life onto the stage, surrounding us with water, land, creatures and the magic outside of our windows.

This work shares the story of two men who have concealed themselves in a cave, blocking out the worries of the world around them. We are guided by Cheng Tang’s character’s curiosity as he discovers natures unique abilities to cherish and nurture all living creatures. Whilst Nicholas Brady’s character strives to control and contain Tang’s passion, by confining him within the cave. But then three flies visit Tang’s character and introduce him to the beautiful world around him.

A Game for Flies merges ideas of nature and spirituality, as McCarthy shares her concerns for the environment through humanity’s compliance and acceptance of what we’re being told about climate change. She draws attention to how the public becomes detached and unaware of our slowly deteriorating world. Not realising that it’s being harmed by society’s consumerism. Although McCarthy shares this idea gently, with ease and delight. She reveals how fragile nature is, and how forgiving. If we take care of it, then it’ll take care of us.

Through Brady’s character, we see how living in isolation is damaging for both humanity and nature. As it drives him stir crazy, and impedes his curiosity about the world. This reflects our societies tolerance for environmental pollution, and how it leaves us detached from our world. This work takes us out outside, presenting us with a unique perspective. It encourages its audience to take care of the environment. 

Melting us into their spiritual world is Lili Occhuito’s sound design which seeps us into a hypnotic and elegant atmosphere, as she brings the outside world in. Matylda Bre’s costume design, wraps the flies in shiny dresses with side splits to allow them the freedom of movement. These elements help McCarthy express the story through dance and gestures, connecting the characters to more primal responses.

This piece captures a confined world that is devoid of natural beauty, it creates a very dull and dark place. Mirroring what our world could be, if we don’t take notice of its dwindling atmosphere.

A Game for Flies brings a unique perspective to nature, one that is inclusive and seeking help from humanity to survive. This play presents our spirits on stage, torn between conformity and our inherent passion for natural life. McCarthy shares a powerful message, as she is striving to retain the natural beauty within our world. She invites us to experience her personal connection with nature and to the land. A Game for Flies encourages us to explore our lateral world, and to rediscover what we have forgotten to appreciate.

Fairfield School of Arts
10 - 12 October

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