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SPOTLIGHT: Nicole Pingon

We’re putting a spotlight on our super talented Playwave Creatives. Read about their highlights as part of the Creative team and the inspiring journeys they are on.

Next up is the brilliant Nicole Pingon


When did you become a Playwaver and what drew you to become a Playwave Creative?   

I became a Playwaver back in 2018! I was excited to experience more arts and culture across Sydney, have the opportunity to engage critically and creatively with what I was seeing, and connect with other like-minded creative people. 

Your favourite memory as a Playwave Creative?  

I’m really fond of all the opportunities I had as a Playwave Creative to meet and speak to wonderful artists and creatives about their creative processes and projects. I remember the artists I got to meet were so generous with their time, knowledge and experience, and it was a great honour to get to ask questions at the forefront of my mind and engage with their work beyond experiencing the performance itself.  



What is keeping you busy in 2023?   

I will be assistant directing Miss Peony by Michelle Law, premiering at Belvoir in July. After two COVID postponements, it’s finally happening, and I’m really excited to get to be part of it. I am also trying my best to learn Japanese, and read a bit in Chinese most days! 

Who or what inspires your creative practice?  

I’m always inspired by the world and people around me, natural occurrences, ecological patterns, and mythology. At the moment, I’m particularly inspired by the work of visionary thinkers who use/d science fiction to explore, imagine and dream into new/old ways of being, collaborating and changing the world.  



How has being a Playwaver impacted your experience of the arts in Sydney?  

Being a Playwaver encouraged me to experience a breadth of what was being offered in Sydney, and really empowered me to feel like I was welcome to do so. Playwave introduced me to new venues across Sydney, lots of new works I wouldn’t have otherwise known about, and allowed me the opportunity to delve into many different art forms I may not have otherwise. In many ways, I think having access to these experiences and insight behind-the-scenes allowed me to have the confidence to spark up conversations and continue to explore my own creative practice.  

Your top 3 picks for the best places to experience the arts and live performance in Sydney.  

I love live performances that happen in unsuspecting public spaces. Art galleries, parks, town squares, to cafes, bookshops… the possibilities are endless! If I had to choose a particular venue in Sydney, I would say Carriageworks, for its ability to transform into whatever a work requires of it.  



What would people be surprised to know about you?  

Hm… I love to walk, swim and read - at best, all at once! I have two black cats. My favourite food is noodles, of any kind!  

What has been the best arts event you’ve been to this year?  

I really enjoyed Room that was on at Roslyn Packer Theatre as part of this year’s Sydney Festival. I also just saw Sex Magick at Griffin Theatre Company which was expansive in both form and content, and a fun and exciting time.  

What arts events are you most looking forward to this year?  

I’m super looking forward to Little Eggs Collective’s Metropolis, a brand new musical that premiered the Hayes Theatre Company in April.



Catch Nicole's next show Miss Peony at Belvoir from 6 - 29 July. Exclusive Playwave tickets can be purchased here. 

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Photos from above:

1. In the rehearsal room of Belvoir's Miss Peony, assistant directed by Nicole Pingon.

2. Little Eggs Collective’s Moon Rabbit Rising for Belvoir 25A, directed by Nicole Pingon, 2022.

3. De-Choiring workshop at Phoenix Central Park May 2022. Workshop artists - Megan Alice Clune, Chanel Tobler, Mara Schwerdtfeger and Nicole Pingon. Photo by Anna Kucera.

4. Mums Tell Dad Jokes Too cast, 2022. Directed by Nicole Pingon, photo by Clare Hawley.

5. Little Eggs Collective’s Moon Rabbit Rising for Belvoir 25A, directed by Nicole Pingon, 2022.

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