Laraaji & Yu Su

Laraaji & Yu Su

Forerunners of sonic exploration, NYC-based Laraaji and Vancouver-based Yu Su connect to present an evening of live, otherworldly sounds.

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Laraaji, a masterful musician brought into recognition partly by Brian Eno, is known for weaving intricate melodies with the piano, zither and mbira. He uses his developed improvisatory and meditative performing techniques, inspired by the spiritual traditions of South and Southeast Asia, to create a profound fusion of music and spirituality.

Yu Su’s expansive repertoire of ‘fourth world’ ambience and left-field dance music is in tune with Laraaji’s, with emotion-packed compositional punches at the forefront of her groovy jazz-bient expeditions.

For local touches, the duo of Hugh B & Cousin, Tunnel Dancers, swing freestyle, beatless instrumental soundscapes into tranquil interludes - inviting you to lose yourself in their musical improvisatory expression. And rounding off the lineup is Monica Brooks, who has spent the last 20 years honing in on improvisation as a compositional methodology, occupied by belonging, landscapes, loss and love.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours, including a 20-minute interval


Find out more about Laraaji & Yu Su. Presented by City Recital Hall. 


  • 05 Apr - 05 Apr, 24
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    SYDNEY NSW 2000

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