Two Weddings, One Bride

Two Weddings, One Bride

In the home of the French Governor, preparations are taking place for the forthcoming double wedding of his twin daughters, Girofle and Girofla.

This event has now passed

The girls are so identical that their parents, Governor Philippe and Aurore, have dressed them in blue (Girofle) and pink (Girofla) throughout their lives in order to be able to tell them apart.

Due to a particularly unlucky streak of gambling, Philippe is now heavily indebted to his bankers. By marrying off his daughters, he will be free of all debts. Girofle will marry Marasquin, the son of the president of the bank; Girofla will become the bride of the Italian general Modigliani who will promise to maintain order in the country.

Girofle and Marasquin’s marriage all goes to plan but as General Modigliani’s arrival has been delayed, Girofla’s ceremony is postponed.

Matters take a turn for the worse when pirates abduct Girofla and Pedro, the Governor’s cook. Suddenly the Italian general turns up demanding to be married otherwise there may be dire consequences for Philippe.

The parents’ solution to their dilemma is to marry off Girofle for a second time until her sister is rescued.

Will Girofla ever return?

Will Philippe lose the dowry money and his head?

Will Girofle wind up as a bride to two husbands?

What will be the outcome of Two Weddings, One Bride?

Silliness never sounded better.” Sydney Morning Herald

Frivolous, flirty and enormous fun.” Daily Telegraph

Presented by Opera Australia at Riverside Theatres


  • 13 Nov - 13 Nov, 19
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  • All Ages
  • Riverside Theatre

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