Embark on a captivating journey into the abyss alongside Autechre, an unrivalled force of innovation and influence in the realm of electronic music.

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Immersed in darkness, this extraordinary event unveils a treasure trove of new Autechre creations, marking their triumphant return since the release of 2020's mesmerizing albums, SIGN and PLUS. Presented in City Recital Hall’s pristine acoustic and 360-degree spatial audio, this is a sensory experience not to be missed.
Originating from the pulsating energy of 80s electro, their inaugural release in 1991 laid the groundwork for electronic music, a foundation that remains resolute even today. Constantly metamorphosing, this dynamic duo, inseparable from the storied history of Warp Records, has sculpted some of the most revolutionary sonic landscapes of the past three decades. Their distinctive oeuvre encompasses original sounds, intricately woven funk, and an unmistakably northern take on conventional rhythm and structure, consistently pushing the boundaries of musical convention and propelling us into a thrilling future.


Find out more about Autechre. Presented by City Recital Hall. 


  • 27 Aug - 27 Aug, 23
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    SYDNEY NSW 2000

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