Sydney Festival Presents: A Ghost in My Suitcase

Sydney Festival Presents: A Ghost in My Suitcase

A breathtaking and magical adventure about grief, hunting for ghosts and a secret family gift, adapted from Gabrielle Wang’s thrilling novel, winner of the 2009 Aurealis Award for Best Children’s Novel.

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Leaving behind her grieving father and brother in Australia, twelve-year-old Celeste travels to Shanghai to scatter her Chinese mother’s ashes in the Isle of Clouds, her 500-year-old ancestral home.

In a land she finds puzzlingly familiar, Celeste meets her gutsy, ghost-hunting grandmother Por Por for the first time, and also discovers her own spirit-chasing powers. Soon, Celeste is swept into a hair-raising battle, defying dangerous ancient spirits and teaming up with the hostile Ting Ting, Por Por’s adopted child, in a race to save her grandmother.

Written by Vanessa Bates and directed by Matt Edgerton and Ching Ching Ho, Barking Gecko’s beguiling and breathtaking stage production is suitable for ages 8+.

Running Time: 75 Minutes
The Risky Stuff:
Smoke, Haze, Strobe
Age Restrictions: Recommended for Ages 8+
There is a Lockout of approximately 5 minutes with this performance. 

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  • 11 Jan - 16 Jan, 19
  • Regular price $76.00 $25.00 Playwave Price

  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Drama Theatre
    SYDNEY NSW 2000

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