Table Manners

Table Manners

Norman doesn’t exactly look like one of the world’s great lovers. There’s no square jaw or twinkle in his eye. Instead he has a beard that wanders aimlessly, a penchant for puffa puffa rice and the libido of an oversexed sheepdog.

This event has now passed.

It was supposed to be so simple. Sarah and Reg were to visit the sprawling country house of Reg’s invalid mother and give his sister Annie a well-deserved break from her caretaker duties. But the unexpected arrival of Norman means that nothing is set to go to plan.

THE NORMAN CONQUESTS are a collection of three plays. Whenever they are programmed around the world they are always one of the hottest tickets in town. Set in 1981, these highly regarded comedy masterworks will be a special event to close the year.

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  • 19 Oct - 19 Oct, 18
  • Regular price $42.00 $17.00 Playwave Price

  • Recommended for 15+
  • Ensemble Theatre
    78 McDougall St, Kirribilli
    NSW 2061

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