Shopfront Arts Co-op presents ArtsLab a festival of  new works by emerging artists performing for two weeks at 107 Redfern.

This event has passed.

ArtsLab: Collide is a festival of new work from Sydney’s most exciting emerging artists. With daring new works spanning film, dance, visual arts, musical theatre and puppetry – this year’s ArtsLab is an exciting blend of young voices.



Bonny and Read by Emily Whiting and Aiden Smith

How harsh is life on the seas?

Pirates have always been bloodthirsty beasts so what happens when you’re captured onto a pirate ship and forced to join the crew? Bonny and Read is a new Australian musical based on real female pirates of the 1700s. Mary Read is captured aboard a ship with a cut-throat female Captain Anne Bonny, sailing alongside Calico Jack. However Mary must keep her identity hidden, disguised as “Mark” Read she must help them escape a feared Naval Captain hunting them down. This new musical explores themes of love, identity and finding your place in a world where you didn’t think you belonged. Explore and staging historical queer stories as they are often not shared enough.

Presented in the Downstairs Theatre at 107 Projects

Wed - Fri: 6pm
Sat & Sun: 2pm


FAT GIRL by Leah Herbert

Fat Girl. 

She’s your fat best friend, your number 1 fan. But how did she get here? 

Fat Girl takes you on a journey through a personal history of dieting, fatness, and the Biggest Loser. She’ll make you hate her, make you love her, make you fat and make you thin again. Fat Girl asks you to bear witness to her insecurities, watch her sweat on stage and decide if she’s good enough. Fat Girl loves you and she hopes you love her too. 

Presented in the Upstairs Theatre at 107 Projects

Wed - Fri: 7:15pm
Sat & Sun: 3:15pm


Art for the End Times by Highly Strung Puppets

The world is over. In the waste, a solitary art gallery remains. The Curator’s collection, pristinely preserved for centuries, is all that they have. However, now they crave for a new piece of art to add to their collection. ‘Art For the End Times’ utilizes multiple forms of puppetry to create a roaming art gallery/puppet show experience which asks: how does art live on in the end times? And who will create it?

Presented in the Downstairs Theatre at 107 Projects

Wed - Fri: 8:30pm
Sat & Sun: 4:30pm



This Girls is/a Glitch by Mym Kwa

Moving through the architecture of 107 projects is The Girl is/a Glitch: A series of experimentations that disrupt, reflect and reimagine our shared space. 

Weaving between the blurred lines of ‘dance’ and everyday physicality, familiar images fragment, surroundings shift and you are invited into the intangible yet very real place of reflections.

Performing in the Gallery spaces 5-8:30pm weekdays, and 1-4:30pm weekends. 


One Ocean. Many Waves by Gabriel Faatau’uu-Satiu

One Ocean. Mau Waves is a 3-part screen installation that explores a glimpse of what it means to identify as Tagata Moana in Sydney Australia. This is story sovereignty at its finest – an amalgamation of documentary-style interviews, traditional song/dance, a display of textiles underpinned by poetry/rap/monologues written/performed by a village of Pasifika people. The groundbreaking new work showcases a range of emerging and veteran voices from the Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian regions.


Artefacts of Revolution by Fatima Naqvi

A series of graphite on paper drawings that capture the beauty and magnificence of the artists Shi’a Muslim Pakistani identity. 


All three works are presented in the Gallery at 107 Projects

The Gallery is open 11am - Closing, Wed-Saturday and during scheduled show hours on Sundays during the season. 


OPENING NIGHT - Thursday 14th March 
 - Friday 22 March

INDUSTRY NIGHT - Saturday 16 March (Industry Speed Dating begins at 6pm) 

Presented by Shopfront Arts Co-op at 107 Projects Redfern.



  • 14 Mar - 24 Mar, 24
  • Regular price $25.00 $15.00 Playwave Price

  • 107 PROJECTS
    107 REDFERN ST
    REDFERN NSW 2016

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