Era of new paradise

Era of new paradise

A show that shines a spotlight on the cults you probably didn’t know you belonged to.

After leaving a cult, a young woman undergoes a process of self-rehabilitation. As she struggles to find her place in the modern world, she discovers things are not so different on the outside after all. Inspired by religious sects of the last 40 years from Heaven’s Gate to Westboro Baptist Church, Adriane Daff (The Last Great Hunt) breaks through the screaming allure of pop culture, our fear of death and the extraordinarily persuasive powers of the internet to shine a spotlight on ‘soft’ cults—cults you probably didn’t know you belonged to.

‘Daff is ferocious, scouring her characters raw… the stand-out performance of the Perth stage this year thus far.’ The Turnstiles (on The Irresistible

Image by Matt Sav

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  • 25 Apr - 28 Apr, 18
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  • All Ages
    10 NIMROD ST

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