For Your Pleasure

For Your Pleasure

A new media art exhibition exclusive to the TikTok platform

ellen.gif and mck3nZ present For Your Pleasure, a TikTok art exhibition featuring new media artists from Australia, Canada & the United States.

TikTok is a place where people dance around their kitchens, play pranks on their families, connect with their friends, laugh, cry and sing. Surprising, heartwarming and almost always funny, TikTok takes note of where you linger, what you ‘like’ and feeds you quick hits of dopamine just ‘for you’.

The twelve artists in For Your Pleasure use sound, video, performance, dance, collage and pop culture to celebrate the connectivity, intimacy and relatability of 2020’s most downloaded app. In a nod to TikTok’s ‘For You Page’, For Your Pleasure gives you art you didn’t know you needed, from the comfort of your smartphone.

View the exhibition here and meet the artists in the video below. 


Cal Harper
Danni Paradiso
Evan George Confos
Ibuki Kuramochi
Jess Goehring
Kate McGuinness
Laura Hyunjhee Kim
Marcella Ho
John A Douglas & Willurai Kirkbright
Xanthe Dobbie



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  • TikTok

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