1984! The Musical!

1984! The Musical!

This original Australian musical takes Orwell’s classic and finds laughter in the darkest places

Tap-dancing in torture chambers, rats with razzle-dazzle, Big Brother with even bigger star power –1984! The Musical! has it all! Join us on our dystopic romp: a light-hearted comedy about oppression of the human spirit (with songs!). Will Winston and Julia start a revolution, or will they yield to their oppressors? Either way, they'll sing while trying!

In a world where “alternative facts,” have normalised Doublethink and our phones collect our data and watch us like Telescreens, Orwell’s dystopia has never felt closer to home. Equal parts soul-crushing and side-splitting, this is the musical for our times.

Grab your tickets to 1984! The Musical! It’s double-plus-good!

Produced in association with New Theatre Newtown.

Presented by New Theatre at New Theatre Newtown


  • 09 Jan - 25 Jan, 20
  • Regular price $30.00 $25.00 Playwave Price

  • Suitable for all ages
  • New Theatre Newtown
    542 King St 
    Newtown NSW 2042

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