ADAPT: Australian Dance Theatre's Online Season

ADAPT: Australian Dance Theatre's Online Season

Welcome to#ADTadapt

ADAPT is Australian Dance Theatre’s special online-only season for 2020.

Every fortnight beginning Friday 1 May, at 12 pm ACST (UTC +9:3O) we will be streaming one of Garry Stewarts most well-known works for a 48 hour period. Check out featured performance teasers below or view the season program here.

Sign up here for your season ticket to ADAPT. Access to the stream will come directly to your mailbox.

Be sure to look for your video link in your mailbox every second Friday! 


The Beginning of Nature

The Beginning of Nature explores the forces that nature asserts over humankind despite our continued efforts to see ourselves as separate from it and the notion that our bodies are inscribed with the same rhythms that underpin nature itself. In 2019 The Beginning of Nature won the Helpmann Award for Best Dance Production.



In Devolution, Garry Stewart collaborated with Canadian roboticist Louis-Philippe Demers, UK video artist Gina Czarnecki and London-based costume designer Georg Meyer-Wiel to create a startling and utterly unique world. This performance we are streaming was recorded in 2007 at the Adelaide Festival Centre.


The Age of Unbeauty 

The Age of Unbeauty twists through a series of potent images and unanticipated moments of fragile vulnerability, in a work that reflects on man’s inhumanity to man. Garry Stewart attempts to articulate the dichotomies that exist in the terror wrought by humans alongside our imperative need for each other.


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