Cherry Smoke

Cherry Smoke

In this poetic and visceral drama that packs a punch, it's a fight to change the life you know for the better.

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On the outskirts of Pennsylvania, 9-year-old Fish’s father throws him into the boxing ring, leaving the weight of the weekly pay-packet on Fish’s shoulders.

Through the years, Fish becomes a deadly amateur fighter with a short fuse. Cherry wants nothing but to be with her love, Fish. His brother, Duffy, and his girlfriend, Bug, just want to live their lives without being dragged down by him. And Fish is terrified of becoming his father. Is it all too much to ask? 

Cherry Smoke follows four young kids trying to grow in to the adults that the society that neglected them will accept. When you’re not taught to use your words but your fists, can you ever truly change, or are you destined to repeat the past?

Running time: 90 minutes, no interval 

Content warning: Adult themes, violence, death, references to sexual violence.


Find out more about Cherry Smoke. Presented by Criss Cross Productions and KXT


  • 24 Mar - 06 Apr, 23
  • Regular price $45.00 $15.00 Playwave Price

    181 BROADWAY
    ULTIMO NSW 2007

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