Friendship as a Way of Life

Friendship as a Way of Life

‘Friendship as a Way of Life’ brings together more than 20 artists and collaborative groups to explore queer kinship and forms of being together.

This group show at UNSW Galleries in Sydney is reopening on July 9 — but also available now online as a virtual walk through. Featuring 20 artists from Australia and abroad, the theme is "queer kinship and forms of being together".

The exhibition centres around three ideas that offer perspectives on LGBTQI+ partnerships, collaboration, visibility, sex, intimacy and knowledge: ‘Public Relations’ (the public expression of private lives and forms of communicating identities); ‘Living Arrangements’ (spaces and approaches to living/being with ‘chosen families’); and ‘Intergenerational Kinship’ (learning, sharing and support across generations). Presented across the entire gallery and online, this major project seeks to foreground the way LGBTQI+ communities create alternative networks of support through various creative and resourceful means.

Mark Aguhar
Frances Barrett
Shannon Michael Cane
Elmgreen & Dragset
DJ Gemma
Camilo Godoy
Helen Grace
Gavin Kirkness and the Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt project
Dani Marti
Parallel Park (Holly Bates and Tay Haggarty)
Nikos Pantazopoulos
Macon Reed
A.L. Steiner & A.K. Burns
Ella Sutherland
and material from the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives

José Da Silva and Kelly Doley

Presented by UNSW Galleries 


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