Griffin Lock In

Griffin Lock In

Five new Australian works that are experimental, interactive and made-for-livestream

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What if a living room was a stage? What if your phone was a looking glass? What if ‘staying in’ became a night of interactive theatre?

Welcome to Griffin Lock-In. Commencing Tuesday 21 April, Griffin is giving you all-out access to five brand new theatrical experiments via live stream, for free!

Here’s how it works. Griffin Theatre have commissioned five of our favourite artists to create made-for-livestream works (with just a week’s notice, mind you!). Once the Lock-In kicks off, every night for five nights, you’ll be privy to a work via livestream on Griffin’s Youtube channel. The works will be preserved for 24 hours to view online before they disappear into the ether.

The works might last one hour, they might last five. They might be deeply interactive or observationally awe-inspiring. You won’t know what you’ll get till you tune in. One thing is for sure, though—they’ll provoke you to think about the possibilities of new Australian theatre differently.

Watch from 7pm, 21 – 25 April
Tune in to Griffin Theatre's Youtube Channel:

Performance Times
7pm, Tuesday 21 April 
— Jordan Raskopoulos
7pm, Wednesday 22 April 
– Black Birds
7pm, Thursday 23 April
 — Harriet Gillies
7pm, Friday 24 April 
— The Dollar Bin Darlings
7pm, Saturday 25 April — Roshelle Fong

Content Warning
Some Griffin Lock-In performances contain references to violence, strong language, and adult themes. All performances are recommended for ages 15+. Harriet Gillies’s performance on Thursday 23 April is recommended for ages 18+. Content warnings for individual performances will be provided on the day of broadcast.

Presented by Griffin Theatre Company


  • 21 Apr - 25 Apr, 20
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  • Recommended for ages 15+ Harriet Gillies’s performance on Thursday 23 April is recommended for ages 18+
  • Griffin Theatre Company

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