"I feel like I've got a hole in my's getting bigger."

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Lukas isn’t in a good place. He hasn’t been for some time.

His friends Claude, Song and Dylan decide they can’t sit by and watch anymore. Tenderly and with great patience, they start to tell each other stories. Of the moments they all met. Of the times they were complete idiots and the happiness they’ve shared together. They tell these stories because they know their friend Lukas also needs to tell his. His life depends on it. A gentle soul with a love for ancient night skies, Lukas has fallen into a deep and complicated grief. One that he can’t pull himself out of. He can feel history repeating and black holes opening up. But this isn’t who he is. In fact, he doesn’t even recognise the person he’s become.

Safe in the hands of playwright Matthew Whittet (Seventeen, Girl Asleep), we’ll watch on as this group of 20-year-olds are there for each other in the only way they know how—with ridiculous stupidity, blunt honesty and unconditional joy.

The simplest acts of kindness are sometimes the most important.

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  • 26 May - 11 Jun, 20
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  • All ages
    10 NIMROD ST

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