Explore Bangarra’s repertoire, born from Country and stories gathered from our First Nations' Elders

Bangarra's Knowledge Ground is home to the millennia of stories and connections that give life to Bangarra’s work. Here we reflect on the artistic visions, languages, communities and Country that inform our productions.

This is a place for the sharing of culture, story and creative practice. A place to reawaken Bangarra’s vast repertoire, shifting the ephemeral nature of dance theatre through a digital continuum.


Created by Stephen Page, Nyapanaypa is inspired by the beautifully textured paintings of Yirrkala artist Nyapanyapa Yunupingu. Explore the music, design, dancers, behind the scenes footage and more from Bangarra’s production of Nyapanyapa.

Head to the Knowlege Ground website to step inside the visual sphere of Nyapanyapa Yunupingu. 

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