Open Frame: Room40

Open Frame: Room40

This year Open Frame meditates on states of sonic intensity

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In 2018 Australia’s post-everything imprint Room40 presents Open Frame across two-evenings focused on senior artists and emerging voices exploring transcendent music. This year Open Frame meditates on states of sonic intensity that push to the very edges of practice and performance.

Thu 28 Jun
Eliane Radigue’s Occam XXIX performed by Cat Hope (World Premiere)
Charlemagne Palestine (Australian Exclusive)
The Speaker performed by Werner Dafeldecker, Pan Daijing & Valerio Tricoli
Ears Have Ears DJs

Fri 29 Jun
William Basinski
Pan Daijing
Drew McDowall presents Coil’s Time Machines
Gail Priest
Ears Have Ears DJs

‘This year Open Frame meditates on states of sonic intensity.  Each artist is a study of intensities; the intense beauty of William Basinski, the intense transcendence of Charlemagne Palestine, the intense performance approaches of Pan Daijing, the intense focus of Eliane Radigue’s compositions, the list goes on and on. This is music that reaches deep inside us and activates a sense of being which is beyond the moment of encounter. A chance for deep and lingering sonic affect.’
– Lawrence English, Curator

Image: Pan Daijing, photographer Vitali Gelwich

The Artists

Eliane Radigue
Now aged 86, Elaine Radigue is arguably France’s most important electronic music composer. Radigue’s twenty forth composition, Occam XXIV, is Open Frame’s first world premiere and a commission by Carriageworks that will be performed by leading Australian composer and musician Cat Hope.

William Basinski
William Basinki is, at 60, amongst the most important ambient artists of the century. His Disintegration Loops is a benchmark for affective music and now deeply tied to the events surrounding 9/11. He will premiere a new piece for the festival.

Charlemagne Palestine
Charlemagne Palestine presents his only Australian piano performance in 2018 at Open Frame. An iconoclast maestro, his sound compositions have garnered a devoted following since the 1960s and his Strumming Music is now considered one of the most important ‘maximal minimal’ works of the 20th century.

Drew McDowall
The last living member of the English experimental music group Coil, Drew McDowall will perform music from Time Machines, the legendary electronic record with each piece dedicated to a different hallucinatory chemical.

Pan Daijing
Chinese-born, Berlin-based Pan Daijing is influenced equally by 1980s industrial music, Chinese minority and Tibetan music, field recordings in temples and ritual practice. Daijing is considered a significant uprising figure in the current avant-garde due to her raw approach as a composer and performer.

Gail Priest
Sydney-based artist Gail Priest uses field recordings, processed voice and noise in her live performance to explore the interaction of the figurative and the abstract, the machinic and the organic, the sensual and the brutal.

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