Watami Manikay (Song of the Winds)

Watami Manikay (Song of the Winds)

An immersive collaborative performance by the Yolŋu digital artists of The Mulka Project

The Yolngu artists of Arnhem Land-based multimedia collective The Mulka Project have created an incredible, immersive digital version of their work for the Biennale of SydneyTheir powerful installation Watami Manikay (Song of the Winds) mixes song, video and animation to express their manikay (ancestral songs). It's the closest most of us will get to being on country where these artists live, in north-east Arnhem Land.

Watch the digital installation here.


The Mulka Project is a collective of highly active artists who work with cutting-edge digital technologies, producing video art that links across land, recording and archiving song and everyday life. These practices range from precise projection mapping, to digital animation and editing. The Mulka Project’s work is a continuation of ‘countless generations of evolving Yolŋu art practice'. Through multiple interweaving film projections, Watami Manikay envelops the viewer in a cyclical work formed from the vast Yolŋu film archive managed by Yolŋu law, governance and culture.


Presented by The Mulka Project 


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  • All Ages
  • Biennale of Sydney

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