Western Sydney Shorts

Western Sydney Shorts

Local films made by local artists about local life

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Over the next month, Blacktown Arts and CuriousWorks will bring you Western Sydney Shorts, a home-grown feast of short films and one feature, curated by Blacktown filmmaker, Vonne Patiag.

Commencing 15 May, eight films will be released via Blacktown Arts’ social media platforms every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7.30 pm, each remaining available for only 10 days at a time.

While some of these films have been seen at a range of festivals, this is the first time they will be streamed online. Exploring themes of identity and place, the selected films capture the diverse experience of contemporary life in western Sydney, from intimate personal portraits to global issues. Above all, they reveal the enormous talent of filmmakers living and working here.

Head to Western Sydney Shorts to view the full program. 

This event is presented by Blacktown Arts



  • 15 May - 11 Jun, 20
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  • All Ages
  • Blacktown Arts

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