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…as I doubt not you know, the understanding of mortals consisteth not only in having in memory things past and taking cognizance of things present. But in knowing, by means of the one and the other of these, to forecast things future is reputed by those of mark to consist the greatest wisdom. Tomorrow, as you know, it will be fifteen days since we departed Florence, to take some diversion for the preservation of our health and of our lives, eschewing the woes and dolors and miseries which, since this pestilential season began, are continually to be seen about our city. This, to my judgment, we have well and honourably done.”

So said one of Giovanni Boccaccio’s storytellers in the 14th century masterwork THE DECAMERON. A different kind of pestilence has beset our age, but the preservative power of story remains just as true for us. As does the hope that through story, told by many and varied voices, we reach closer towards wisdom. Wisdom about ourselves and our world. Using Boccaccio’s work as a springboard for ours, welcome to DECAMERON 2.0, presented by State Theatre Company South Australia and ActNow Theatre.

Each week, 10 South Australian writers will create 10 new characters and 10 new stories, which will be performed by 10 actors, recorded on film and digitally delivered to you over 10 weeks. 100 stories from an array of emerging and established writers, inspired by some of Boccaccio’s themes, presented in a modern and subverted context.

Many of these writers and actors have lost work due to cancelled theatre productions. We’re thrilled that, with the support of the State Government’s COVID-19 Grant Support Program, we can activate and unleash their imaginations and talents upon you, as they offer a new twist on South Australian life, cataloguing our first steps out of the isolation of recent months and towards new wisdoms.

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Episode One: Those Who Make Sacrifices

In this inaugural episode, 10 emerging and established South Australian writers were tasked with creating 10 original stories and characters, inspired by the provocation "those who make sacrifices". Written, workshopped, performed and recorded within two weeks, this episode encouraged artists to draw on current events, including the idea of sacrifice during the pandemic.

Presented by the State Theatre Company of South Australia


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