A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing

A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing

What he takes. What he takes is the what there is of me

This event has now passed. 

There is no more important time than now to stage this play. A Girl is a Half Formed Thing will carry you into the heart, mind and body of a girl. Subjected to the forces of stultifying religion, predatory men and a pious mother, she will form in front of your eyes.

This one-woman show inhabits and speaks the experience of a young woman coming of age. It is raw and poetic. It carries forward the greatest of Irish literary legacy - a Joycean stream of consciousness set in an abstract Beckettian landscape. But this is her voice. The voice of a young woman in this world of men.

We invite you to jump in the fierce current that is the lyrical and poetic stream of this play.

The Risky Stuff: This production contains confronting themes of sexual violence.

Performed by Ella Prince 
Directed by Erin Taylor
Produced by Emma Diaz 
Design by Isabel Hudson 
Sound by Clemmie Williams 
Lighting by Veronique Bennett 
Assistant Directed by Rebecca Blake


  • 19 Apr - 19 Apr, 18
  • Regular price $32.00 $15.00 Playwave Price

  • Recommended for ages 15+
    LEVEL 2, 244/248 WILLIAM ST

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