SAFE at Old 505 - FreshWorks FEMME

SAFE at Old 505 - FreshWorks FEMME

An ambient screen-to-stage experiment, inspired by the classic 1995 film of the same name.

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"Wellness equals Knowledge minus Anxiety plus Healing. It's about using the creative energies in your mind to heal your body and to restore your immunities to their fullest potential."

SAFE is the story of Carol, an affluent and unexceptional homemaker who develops random chemical sensitivities. Told by those close to her that there’s nothing wrong, Carol spirals deeper into a unique and nameless illness. Darkly funny and more than a little disturbing, this theatrical development is an atmospheric allergic reaction to the stranglehold of the late 20th century.
Come along to find out - are you immune?

Sarah Hadley and Ang Collins are the directorial/dramaturgical team behind SAFE. They met at NIDA in 2017, and have since collaborated on a music video for Triple J Unearthed (Dear Seattle, Cut You Deep) and sold-out seasons of You’ve Got Mail at boutique winter fringe festival Bondi Feast and Griffin Theatre Company’s Batch Festival. Sotto is an independent theatre company with a difference, drawing inspiration from popular cinema, contemporary performance practices and alternative strains of queerness and feminism.

Don’t miss the first step in the development of this exciting work as part of the Old 505’s FreshWorks Femme series.

Presented by Sotto at Old 505


  • 29 Oct - 02 Nov, 19
  • Regular price $30.00 $18.00 Playwave Price

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Old 505 Theatre
    5 Eliza St
    Newtown NSW 2042

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