Spectra Live Stream

Spectra Live Stream

Watch this spectacular light show as it happens in Tasmania

Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art might temporarily be closed at present, but it's now streaming one of its most luminous and spectacular installations once a week — and for the entire night. Spectra, by Roiji Ikeda, is a 15-kilometre-tall tower of beaming white light that stands over the city's skyline. The tower is powered by 49 custom-made search lights that illuminate the Hobart sky, accompanied by music specially curated for the exhibit, and can be seen from home up to 100 kilometres away.

Every Saturday from sunset, watch MONA live stream the installation, which has been a permanent centrepiece for the museum since 2018. Each weekly stream will run all through the evening, finishing at sunrise on Sunday.

Here are all twelve hours of the live stream from 27 June 2020 :

Presented by the Museum of Old and New Art


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